William Lerner: A Business Expert and Philanthropist

William Lerner is the CEO and President of iPark, the biggest family-owned parking garage in New York with more than a hundred facilities across the metropolitan New York area. At a young age, William worked in his father’s parking garage and this experience has helped him learn the value of strong work ethic. He believes in the significance of working with his people as a team to create an operation which provides great service to customers. For him, if the people in the field are not satisfied with the ownership and the company, they will take it out on the customers and this directly translates to a negative bottom line.

Business Interest

William graduated from the University of Colorado with a business degree. Following his graduation, he took part in the family business to redevelop the operational functions that range from technological transition supervision to financials. He quickly started to expand the business by acquiring sought-after New York real estate properties. His business expertise continues to put iPark at the forefront of the technological evolution of the parking industry.

Charity Involvement

For more than a couple of decades, Bill Lerner has been involved in charity work. He founded the charity Billy4Kids. Having known the difference between the life of the majority of American children and those in developed countries, William established the nonprofit organization to offer shoes for underprivileged kids across the globe in order to prevent parasitic disease infections. Also, William is involved with the Alzheimer’s Association and the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

The vision behind Willilam’s Billy4Kids began from a discussion on infectious diseases which impact barefoot kids in poverty stricken areas in Haiti, Brazil and Africa. While the treatment cost is expensive and the majority of infections recur, the focus is on prevention.

Billy4Kids has collection areas in apartment buildings, schools and supermarkets. With the help of sponsors and donors, the organization reaches its goals and offers at least 200 children every month the proper shoes that they can wear to help in decreasing the possibility of incurable diseases and debilitating injuries. Apart from offering shoes for children, the organization also brings awareness to the need to fight such global issue.

Billy4Kids set up drop boxes put all around the New York City where people can drop their old shoes and sneakers off to be given to children in need in the developing areas in the mentioned countries. The organization’s idea is simple but effective which asks nothing from the public except their shoes they no longer wear.