The Sewer System Vs The Septic System

Many people today mix up the two terms, the sewer system and the septic system. While these two terms are almost the same, they have differences. They are mainly confused for each other because they all deal with drainage in the home. From the toilet, sink and even the bathroom, these two are involved in ensuring that the drainage mechanisms in the home work perfectly.

Since they are both use for the same purpose, to drain the household wastes, many people use the terms in place of each other very often. However, the guide below will give you the major differences between the two systems so that you are able to easily differentiate them.

The Sewer System vs the Septic System

There are several differences between the sewer and the septic system that can help you to easily differentiate between the two terms. Some of the differences of the two are as listed below:

  •         By definition, the sewer system is a drainage system that connects the whole locality or community and leads the wastes to a treatment park that is centralized. All the houses in the neighborhood are connected to the sewer system by use of pipes that are laid underground and there is use of certain chemical and pumps to pump and treat the water. On the other hand, a septic system can be defined as an alternative of the sewer system that is eco-friendly. A septic system is simply a tank that is made of concrete or steel that is installed or constructed underground. The wasters of the house are pumped in, filtered and pumped out into a drain field without the use of any chemicals. Cost of pumping septic tank also depends on the company where you inquire.
  •         The sewer systems are maintained by the local authorities. This is because they are the ones that have installed the system in the neighborhood. The residents do not have any responsibility in the maintenance of the sewer system, but they pay bills so that it is maintained by the authorities. On the other hand, the maintenance of the septic system is the full responsibility of the home owner. It may not require very frequent cleaning routines, but the few cleaning routines required tend to be costly and tiresome.
  •         Many of the home owners prefer the sewer system vs the septic system. This is because the sewer system requires no work to maintain and it is also relatively cheaper to maintain. This is because the cost of maintenance is shared among the people connected to the same sewers. On the other hand, the septic system is not preferred by many because it requires a lot of time to maintain and it may also be more expensive. Thus, the houses that are connected to a central sewer system tend to have a higher value compared to those with septic systems.

The sewer and septic systems may appear to be the same thing to many people today. However, even if they are basically used for the same purpose, drainage, these two systems are very different on how they operate and whet exactly they are. The guide above gives some of the major differences between the two systems in order that you are able to easily tell them apart. If you still need more information about this topic, you can talk to professional here.