The Most Basic Services For a Septic Tank

Whenever you buy a home that has a septic tank waste disposal system, you must take personal responsibility on matters of septic tank maintenance and care. Many homeowners get overwhelmed by the presence of so many septic service system companies offering different services. There are others who don’t know what septic services are beneficial for their tanks or even how often they should seek out those services. The following are some of the most basic services for septic tank you need to know about:

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping is an involved process where an expert will uncover and open the septic tank in order to mechanically pump out the layers of oils, fats and proteins that float on top of the tank-they are known as the scum layer; this is in addition to the sludge layer-the solids that are gathered at the bottom of the tank.

They take away the waste materials, so they are disposed of in accordance with the local laws. When you default in the regular septic tank pumping routine, the scum and sludge layers will become too large and increase chances that the waste could backflow into your home. Even in cases where the waste goes through the outlet pipes, it will end up creating an unsanitary situation in the drain field since the soil can only filter so much effluent at a time.

Septic Tank Inspection

A good septic maintenance practice demands an annual septic system inspection, of course there will be a septic tank inspection cost but this is the best way to ensure that the system continues to function optimally. While this is a good practice for every homeowner to observe, it is actually a legal requirement in some municipalities.

During the inspection, a septic system service expert determines how close the scum and the sludge layers inside the tank are to the outlet pipe leading to the drain field. If the scum layer is found to be within six inches of the pipe or the sludge layer is within 12 inches, you will be required to urgently look for septic tank pumping services. The inspection is the best way of knowing when it’s time to pump. If you need a professional to inspect your septic tank, go here.

Adding Enzymes or Bacteria

There are other cases where after doing the inspection, the septic system service professional will advise on the need to add some special bacteria or enzymes into the tank; this can be done during the inspection or immediately after septic tank pumping has been done.

These enzymes become especially useful when the solids and chemicals that find their way down the drain go on to distort the balance of the helpful bacteria inside the tank. The more helpful bacteria that is left to flourish inside the septic tank, the better their ability to digest solid waste that comes into the tank every day.

You should opt for the regular inspection of your septic tank by professionals if it not done then you might have to face serious health hazards which will stay for a longer time. Septic tank maintenance should be given importance the way it is given to other areas of your property.

If you are interested in learning about the warning signs that will indicate that your tank needs replacement, then you can read them online. You should choose the service provider very careful as you cannot take any risk. If anything goes wrong in the replacement process the situation will become even more complex. So do a little research before finalizing your decision. You can search online also for some details.