William Lerner: A Business Expert and Philanthropist

William Lerner is the CEO and President of iPark, the biggest family-owned parking garage in New York with more than a hundred facilities across the metropolitan New York area. At a young age, William worked in his father’s parking garage and this experience has helped him learn the value of strong work ethic. He believes in … Read more

Kind Act of Providing Footwear to Children

An act of charity does not mean that you would be required to spend a significant amount for poor children. A simple act of kindness that provides relief to the poor children would be considered an act of charity. The point would be to cater to the needs of the children with what you could … Read more

Aiding the Poor Children with Adequate Shoes Supply

Several nations are fighting to provide proper hygiene for the people. Consequently, a number of organizations have come forward to provide to the needs of the underprivileged people. This has resulted in providing proper food, clothing and shelter to the underprivileged people. The initiative was taken by william lerner to cater hundreds of thousands of … Read more