Entrepreneur Billy Lerner’s charity ‘Billy 4 Kids’ reaches Cumberland

Billy 4 Kids’, one of the noble non-profit foundations formed by NYC parking magnet Billy Lerner, was in Cumberland, working with The Cumberland Elementary FRYSC and JHP Enterprises to sponsor a shoe-gift event. Lerner organized a small press meet in his office to talk of the event, just to inspire others and make that small difference to the world.

As the president and CEO of New York’s largest family-owned parking garage facility, Billy Lerner had everything going for him. After creating a major change in the parking industry in NYC with tech changes and extreme efforts, Lerner found that he was meant to do more than that. That’s when he started working for charities, and with his active work as a philanthropist to his credit, he started of his non-profit ‘Billy 4 Kids’. The organization was newly in Cumberland for a special event.

Talking to the press, Lerner started by talking of how hundreds of children in underdeveloped countries are always at stake, just because they don’t have shoes to stay protected against foot-borne diseases. He added that ‘Billy 4 Kids’ works for such kids and wishes to reach more areas and countries in years to come. On the current event, he said that the team has been working closely with Cumberland Elementary FRYSC and JHP Enterprises to organize the special session, where 100 pairs of shoes were given out to needy children.

He also added that the team behind ‘Billy 4 Kids’ has always been trying to push the boundaries, and the event in Cumberland, which was held at CES for the Tri-Cities, was just a small effort. He also thanked the people working at the ground level and also the children who were there to attend summer camp at the school.

On being asked if he has other plans for the non-profit, he added that his partner and co-director Alexon Roy is working with the charities around the world to make a difference.

About Billy Lerner and ‘Billy 4 Kids’

‘Billy 4 Kids’ is a special non-profit organization that works for underprivileged kids around the world, founded by parking entrepreneur Billy Lerner. The organization distributes shoes to children in need, with an aim of preventing some of the common diseases that are caused by parasite and bacterial infection of the foot. Mr. Lerner is known to take an active part in the entire working of the non-profit.

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