Billy Lerner and the Growth of iPark

When Billy Lerner was only twelve years old, he began to park cars for his father at his filling station in New York and its adjacent 25 car parking structure. Being by his father’s side inspired Bill more than parking cars. He played an important role to maintain and operate the family business. After his … Read more

Billy Lerner: Expanding Charity Works for the Underprivileged Children

William Lerner, the President and CEO of the famous parking garage in New York iPark, founded the non-profit organization Billy4Kids. Also, called Billy Lerner, he organized a special meeting with local clients and press in his New York office to talk about the different options to expand his charity’s work. His Heart for the Underprivileged William is … Read more

Kind Act of Providing Footwear to Children

An act of charity does not mean that you would be required to spend a significant amount for poor children. A simple act of kindness that provides relief to the poor children would be considered an act of charity. The point would be to cater to the needs of the children with what you could … Read more