Billy Lerner: Expanding Charity Works for the Underprivileged Children

William Lerner, the President and CEO of the famous parking garage in New York iPark, founded the non-profit organization Billy4Kids. Also, called Billy Lerner, he organized a special meeting with local clients and press in his New York office to talk about the different options to expand his charity’s work.

His Heart for the Underprivileged

William is a famous person in the business world as he owns the company that owns over 100 parking garage facilities across the metropolitan New York area. But, Lerner’s other person is about charity and he has worked with a number of huge organizations in the United States. His foundation Billy4Kids is famous for its work for underprivileged kids.

In the recent event, he thanked his patrons and clients. Lerner cited that his team is quite grateful for the support the foundation has gotten from all corners. According to Bill, each year thousands of kids suffer from parasitic diseases as they did not have a basic pair of shoes. Bill4kids plans to donate 200 shoes by the end of next year and for this, he looks to get the support of people from across the country.

Billy4Kids is also in need of volunteers and any type of contribution to the cause will be appreciated. Lerner pointed out that his team will make sure all patrons and clients can completely access the events and whatever the organized organizes. Also, he emphasized that he is looking to expand the funding and welcomes all types of assistance from other people.

It is not surprising that the organization has achieved a lot of feats under the expertise of Billy Lerner who continues to take part in the everyday activities and events associated with the charity.

How it All Started

Billy Lerner saw an article on kids who die from parasitic diseases. After he realized how lucky and fortunate he is to be able to access the basic necessities in life, he gained the motivation to research and learn more about such diseases and the people they usually affect. He learned that developing areas in Brazil, Ghana and Haiti have children who walk barefoot so he established the charity focused on asking donations of old shoes and sneakers that will be delivered to kids in these areas of the world. He set up drops boxes in different locations and grateful for the immense response from citizens.