Billy Lerner and the Growth of iPark

When Billy Lerner was only twelve years old, he began to park cars for his father at his filling station in New York and its adjacent 25 car parking structure. Being by his father’s side inspired Bill more than parking cars. He played an important role to maintain and operate the family business. After his senior high school year, his future was established.

Lerner has worked across nearly all positions in the company which helped him establish a comprehensive, passionate and professional approach to services and operations as well as a consistent focus on offering the highest levels of services in the industry. iPark has been able to set the industry standard with over six decades service to exclusive residential buildings and landlords.

It has been thirty years since Lerner took control of the small lot and although the original structure does not exist anymore, his iPark holdings have grown to become the biggest private parking garage holding company in New York. Currently, the company operates 120 garages and counting.

Immeasurable Lessons

Billy learn from his father the importance of satisfaction and quality of hard work. He believes that it is important to put in the care and time to nurture and develop his company to sustain their operation for years. He also emphasized that the foresight to adjust and implement future functions for the company. He said that his father instilled in him that being prepared and staying away from complacency and conformity are necessary for business survival.

Impact of Technology to iPark Operations

For Lerner, it is imperative to be technologically capable. The customer base has become a tech community. iPark is already offering the amenities that  customers enjoy in other markets to retain its business. The benefits of such advanced have impacted all levels of the parking business. From the point of sale automation to back office accounting systems, technology has become essential to embrace.

The Biggest Challenge

For Lerner, the main challenge his business has to deal with these days is the mounting costs which go with operating a metropolis. The increase in property values and real estate taxes as well as the evolving components of long-term leases which will dictate future profitability are quite daunting according to Lerner.

As the company has grown over the years, it has been challenging for Billy to maintain the focus on customer care through a big workforce. The philosophy of his company is to be consistent from its oldest worker to the newest one.