Bill Lerner: The Man of Extra Business Power

Bill Lerner is a 40-year old parking industry veteran who has served as CEO and President of Imperial Parking Systems (IPS) since 1996. The previous company IPS founded by Lerner’s father in 1960 has been managed by Bill since 1978.

Billy Lerner has supervised the growth of the company from a small family business to one of the biggest owner-operators of parking facilities and garages in the New York metropolitan area. As the company ushers a new era for its operations, it was renamed iPark in December 2013 and has continued to grow with sound investments and various acquisitions. Driven by Lerner, the focus is continuing the growth propelled by excellent customer relations and the technological advancements in the industry through research and development.

Family Culture as the Heart of iPark

Lerner learned from his father how to treat his team. He believes in the significance of making an operation which offers great service to customers. For him, if the people in the field are not happy with the company they are working for, they will take it out on the customers leaving the bottom line moving in a negative direction.

More Potential Growth for iPark in the New York Market

For Lerner, the market in New York has still a lot of opportunities for iPark. A lot of the company’s locations are leased spaces, thus, as the lease space of their competitions expires, iPark is the company of choice for a lot of landlords. Lerner said they have been lucky to pick up many of the expired leases of their competitors.

Currently, Lerner is considering going into other markets such as New Jersey. He is looking to expand out of the NY area into tri-state areas such as Philadelphia, parts of Washington, Boston and Connecticut. The company has a lot of opportunities; however, they are carefully taking all of them into account.

How Bill Lerner Budgets his Time

For him it has become tough to budget his time as he manages his business’ growth. But he has an excellent team to deal with the daily minutia. Lerner meets with his team many times every week; however, is he mainly looking for new business and meeting with co-ops and landlords.

Because believes that feel and touch are essential for his business, he stops into two garages daily if he is in the city. And even if it has been tough to hit the entire chain over a short period of time, he makes it mostly all garages over a two-month period to see what’s going on.