Entrepreneur Billy Lerner’s charity ‘Billy 4 Kids’ reaches Cumberland

‘Billy 4 Kids’, one of the noble non-profit foundations formed by NYC parking magnet Billy Lerner, was in Cumberland, working with The Cumberland Elementary FRYSC and JHP Enterprises to sponsor a shoe-gift event. Lerner organized a small press meet in his office to talk of the event, just to inspire others and make that small … Read more

The Most Basic Services For a Septic Tank

Whenever you buy a home that has a septic tank waste disposal system, you must take personal responsibility on matters of septic tank maintenance and care. Many homeowners get overwhelmed by the presence of so many septic service system companies offering different services. There are others who don’t know what septic services are beneficial for … Read more

The Sewer System Vs The Septic System

Many people today mix up the two terms, the sewer system and the septic system. While these two terms are almost the same, they have differences. They are mainly confused for each other because they all deal with drainage in the home. From the toilet, sink and even the bathroom, these two are involved in … Read more

Why There’s More to Engineered Septic Systems Than Meets The Eye

So, you were told you needed an engineered septic system because a traditional septic system was unable to be installed in your new residence. Before you take the leap, here’s everything you need to know about what exactly you can expect from having a septic system engineered on your property. 1 – An “Engineered Septic … Read more

William Lerner: A Business Expert and Philanthropist

William Lerner is the CEO and President of iPark, the biggest family-owned parking garage in New York with more than a hundred facilities across the metropolitan New York area. At a young age, William worked in his father’s parking garage and this experience has helped him learn the value of strong work ethic. He believes in … Read more

Bill Lerner: A Soft Yet Effective Guy in Both Business and Charity

Parking entrepreneur Bill Lerner has risen into fame with his parking business iPark and charitable initiative Billy4Kids. The parking business was established by Lerner’s father Jack in 1962 with one 25-car lot. Bill took control of the business in 1978 and expanded it to more than 100 garages throughout New York. His Strategic Business Approach According … Read more

Bill Lerner: The Man of Extra Business Power

Bill Lerner is a 40-year old parking industry veteran who has served as CEO and President of Imperial Parking Systems (IPS) since 1996. The previous company IPS founded by Lerner’s father in 1960 has been managed by Bill since 1978. Billy Lerner has supervised the growth of the company from a small family business to one … Read more

Billy Lerner and the Growth of iPark

When Billy Lerner was only twelve years old, he began to park cars for his father at his filling station in New York and its adjacent 25 car parking structure. Being by his father’s side inspired Bill more than parking cars. He played an important role to maintain and operate the family business. After his … Read more

Billy Lerner: Expanding Charity Works for the Underprivileged Children

William Lerner, the President and CEO of the famous parking garage in New York iPark, founded the non-profit organization Billy4Kids. Also, called Billy Lerner, he organized a special meeting with local clients and press in his New York office to talk about the different options to expand his charity’s work. His Heart for the Underprivileged William is … Read more