Adequate Footwear for Protecting Poor Children from Parasitic Diseases

In case you have been contemplating on ding an act of charity, you should look forward to the poor children across the world. A wide number of children across the world have been suffering from various kinds of parasitic diseases. You would be amazed to the numbers that would come out in lieu of the poor people suffering across the world. With a number of organizations providing to the needs of poor people across the world, you would have the option of joining those charities and help the poor children have their desired needs and requirements fulfilled.

One important thing most people tend to forget is the footwear for children. Adequate footwear would protect the children from various kinds of parasitic diseases. Billy Lerner has been providing footwear for children since 2013. It has been two years and their foundation has been able to cater approximately 4000 pairs of footwear to the children across the world.