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Known to many as the President and CEO of iPark, Billy Lerner has come a long way as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. iPark, which is currently the largest family-owned parking garage service in New York Area, was founded by his father. Formerly known as Imperial Parking Systems, iPark has been William’s dream and he has changed its operations, structure and brand value in the last 20 years, to focus on better customer services, facilities and incredible technological shifts.

Billy Lerner credits his business knowledge and ethical values to his father, who had a big influence on his thinking and perceptions. With a degree in business from University of Colorado, Billy Lerner initiated major technological transitions in the company and expanded Imperial Parking Systems through extensive acquisitions. His work has been about bettering customer services with a clean focus on changing trends and future ideas. To many of his peers, Billy Lerner is a visionary, because his forward thinking process has helped the parking industry in important changes. Keeping the need of hybrid and electric vehicles in mind, he has already partnered with Tesla Motors, Inc.™ and Beam Charging™, to offer integrated charging stations for customers. Currently, more than 25 facilities of iPark boast of integrated charging stations.

Besides iPark, Mr. Billy Lerner is also extensively involved in charity work and has worked for many organizations for over two decades. However, his closest effort is related to Billy4Kids – a nonprofit organization that aims to work for underprivileged children. Early in life, Billy Lerner had noticed that children in many parts of the underdeveloped countries don’t have access to the basics of life, and with Billy4Kids, he aims to donate shoes to as many kids, as possible, so as to reduce parasitic diseases borne in soil. In a short span, the organization has managed to donate 4000 pairs of shoes already. His work and dedication for such causes has earned him ample appreciation from St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

When Billy Lerner isn’t working, he is spending time with his family and children. He is also passionate about kite surfing, which he pursues in his free time.  He often has advice and tips for new entrepreneurs and business owners, to help them expand better in their respective fields.

Billy wants to hear more from everyone around him, especially his employees and customers who matter the most for both iPark and his personal achievements.