Saving Children from Parasitic Diseases with Adequate Footwear

When was the last time you did charity for someone? The question would keep a plethora of people guessing. People hardly have time to think about doing charity. They have been so engrossed in their own lives that they do not have time for worldly affairs. However, more often than not, a majority of organizations tend to forget about the importance of shoes for the children. It would not be wrong to suggest that shoes for children have been an important aspect to safeguard theme from several parasitic diseases.

Billy Lerner New York has been providing for the needs of the poor children. The movement started in 2013 by Billy Lerner has come to a platform where several people across the world want to join them in their good deeds. The foundation has provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes to the poor children across the world. It saves them from various kinds of parasitic diseases.