Footwear for Poor Children across the World

A number of children across the world have been struggling to meet their footwear needs. As a result, several organizations have come forth to help them to meet their needs and requirements. However, among the several organizations working for the cause, one non-profit organization has been working to provide the poor children with adequate footwear. The organization started by billy lerner has been a boon for the children looking forward to having adequate footwear.

Billy Lerner started the movement in 2013. They had a single goal in mind of providing assistance to the one in need. Consequently, they have distributed nearly 4000 shoes across the world to poor children in a short span of two years. Furthermore, they have planned to provide even more shoes to children belonging to the poor areas. The movement started by Billy Lerner had significant impact on the people across the world. More people have expressed their wish to join the movement.