Adequate Footwear for Children across the World

There have been several demands on your finances. It would not be wrong to suggest that several people across the world have been trying desperately hard to make their ends meet. As a result, they would hardly have time for doing a charitable deed. Contrary to popular belief that you would need a huge amount of money for charity, you are on the wrong footing. Doing charity is an act of kindness and nothing to do with spending huge amounts of money. All you need a heart that cares.

Going on similar lines, Bill Lerner started a foundation in 2013. The foundation aimed to provide adequate footwear for poor children across the globe. After two years, the foundation had provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor children worldwide. The foundation looks forward to do more for the destitute children in the coming years. The aim for providing adequate footwear is to protect the children from parasitic diseases.